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Occupation: Professor, Sculptor, Glass artist, Director of glass art research institute.
2013-2016    PhD. –University of Sunderland, UK.
2004-2007   MA. –  The Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing, China.
1997-2002   BA. – Hubei Academy of Fine Arts, Wuhan, China.
2019.4  GAS Conference, St Petersburg, FL, USA.
2018,9  Murry Edwards College, University of Cambridge -Oral presentation at the Glass
             and the Meeting of Minds Conference.
2018,7  France Saint-Malo-Oral Presentation at the 15th International Conference on the
             Physics of Non-Crystalline Solids & 14th European Society of Glass Conference.
2017,9  Murry Edwards College, University of Cambridge-Oral presentation at the Annual Glass Conference.
2017,7 University of Oxford-Oral presentation at the Ninth International Conference on
       Borate Glasses, Crystals and Melts and the Phosphate International Conference on
2017,6 University of Lisbon, Portugal -Poster presentation at the Fifth International Conference and Conservation.
2016  Society of Glass Technology Centenary Conference & 13th
          Symposium of the European Society of Glass Science and Technology    
          – University of Sheffield, UK.
2014 The Glass Science in Art and Conservation 14 Conference 
 – Durham University, UK

Jianyong Guo

This research has been an art-based practice-led project focused on ‘inside painting’ in glass jewellery art. It has attempted to create a ‘new model’ for Chinese traditional glass  jewellery through the creation of contemporary inside painting glass jewellerys. This research mainly used studio-based art practices, inspired by traditional inside painting of Chinese snuff bottles, traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy, influenced by Taoism. The methods of glass making for this research covered blowing、casting and flame work (Fig.1 & 2)

Figure 1: Jianyong Guo, flame work,
glass, inside painting, 2019.

Figure 2: Jianyong Guo, flame work,
glass, inside painting, 2019.

Fig. 3: Glass necklaces made in Xiye glass factory in Boshan China, 2018.

The traditional inside painting of Chinese snuff bottles is popular as a kind of folk art in some places in China. Some inside painters tried to paint in a small hollowed balls or bottles to make glass jewelleries, but the designs still in the initial stage. Hence, in this domain there still have a lot of making approaches to explore.