In ancient times, the transformation of mundane sand into the splendour of brilliant glass was a subject of awe.
Glassmakers guarded carefully the secrets of their craft, and formed guilds to ensure confidentiality to protect their
livelihoods. Notoriously, in 14th Century Venice, a glassmaker judged to have betrayed his fellows risked losing
an ear or a hand!
Today we delight in sharing information, insights and inspiration surrounding the history of glassmaking and the
splendour of the heritage we have received from previous generations. So when we meet in Cambridge next September
the topics could range from the most ancient to the contemporary, from the insights of science to the splendour
of glass art, from the archeometric studies of glass sites to the conservation and display of our rich glass heritage – really the
programme could be as limitless as glass itself!
As ever, our objective is to bring together enthusiasts from all branches of glass studies, to meet in friendship to share our
passions, our perplexities, and our problem-solving successes. We cordially invite you to join us at Murray
Edwards College to share in our discussions, and if you’d like to make a presentation or offer a poster we’d love to hear
from you.
From Sand to Splendour
the History & Heritage of Glass
Wednesday 4th September

 If you are interested in attending and would like to submit a poster or presentation, please email <[email protected]>. There’s a convenient
template you could use – please click AbstractTemplate  to download it in .doc format.