History & Heritage

Cambridge –
Wednesday 4th September 2019

page updated 24 June 2019
In the right hand column is a list of accepted papers for the History
& Heritage seminar, identified by Presenting Author and paper title.

To access the abstract of interest please click on the Presenting Author’s name.

Goshka Bialek
Combining glass with another materials, particularly 3D collages, printings and metal inclusions

Colin Brain
Some insights into historial glassmaking materials

Colin Brian
Melting with a Pinch of Salt: A tribute to the late David Martlew

Jonathan Cooke
Grand Designs: the recreation of Cliffe Castle’s staircase window

Jianyong Guo
A new model of contemporary inside painting glass jewellery

Jessamy Kelly
Remediating Glass as an Artistic Medium for Material Imitation

 Stephen P Koob
New materials and techniques for the conservation and restoration of archaeological glass

Antonio Pires de Matos
Colour Over Time

John Parker
A pointless element?

Christian Ryan
“A Shard of Luminescent Excellence”
Restoring a Frank Roper Window

Andreia Ruivo
Thermal compatibility between grisailles and glass substrates

Dian Shi
Chinese calligraphy is life!

Antanas Melinis (poster presentation)
Conditions for the safe storage of early glass

Natalia M. Vedishcheva
& Adrian C. Wright

Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev: Famous Russian Polymath