09:00 President’s address

Session 21: History and Heritage I. Chair: TBC
09:40 Colour over time Antonio Pires de Matos “
Universidade Nova de Lisboa”
10:00 Combining glass with another materials, particularly 3D collages, printings and metal inclusions Goshka Bielek Private address
10:20 Remediating glass as an artistic medium for material imitation Jessamy Kelly Edinburgh College of Art
10:40 A new model of contemporary inside painting glass jewellery Jianyong Guo Private address
11:00 Refreshments
Session 22: History and Heritage II Chair: TBC
11:40 Grand Designs: the recreation of Cliffe Castle’s staircase window Jonathan Cooke Private address
12:00 “A shard of luminescent excellence” restoring a Frank Roper window Christian Ryan Private address
12:20 Chinese calligraphy is life! Dian Shi University of Sunderland
12:40 Some insights into historial glassmaking materials Colin Brain Private address
13:00 Lunch
Session 15/23: Joint History and Heritage / Science of Glass Session I. Chair: TBC
Melting with a Pinch of Salt: A tribute to the late David Martlew
Colin Brain Private address
14:20 Spectroscopic investigation of historical “uranium glasses” Laurence Galoisy UPMC Paris
14:40 Thermal compatibility between grisailles and glass substrates Andreia Ruivo Universidade NOVA de Lisboa
15:00 Colourful borate glasses: the uranium case Myrtille Hunault SOLEIL Synchrotron
15:20 Refreshments
Session 16/24: Joint History and Heritage / Science of Glass Session II. Chair: TBC
16:00 New materials and techniques for the conservation and restoration of archaeological glass Stephen Koob Corning Museum of Glass
16:20 A pointless element? John Parker University of Sheffield
Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev: Famous Russian Polymath
Natalia Vedischeva/Adrian Wright