Session 9: Raw Materials for Glass Making I. Chair: TBC
09:00 Welcome and Opening Remarks Alan Reynolds and Nicola Johnson
09:20 Why are we here? We have good reason to use the raw materials and glass compositons we have – what are those reasons? Richard Hulme Guardian Industries LLC.
10:00 Overview of the silica sand situation and future glass industry requirements Ruud Dorscheit Sibelco Ltd
10:40 Refreshments
Session 10: Raw Materials for Glass Making II. Chair: TBC
11:20 Novel briquetting process for adding fine cullet to enable energy and CO2 savings Paul Bingham Sheffield Hallam University
11:40 Position of LQS regarding supply of high quality sand Diego Zurolo Lochaline Quartz Sand Ltd
12:00 Biomass ash: a past and future raw material for glass-making? Daniel Backhouse Sheffield Hallam University
12:20 Latest revision of planning guidance notes on silica sand Clive Mitchell British Geological Survey
12:40 The history of Calumite use in the UK and Czech Republic and its role in lowering furnace emissions Nicola Johnson Calumite Ltd
13:00 Lunch
Session 11: Raw Materials for Glass Making III. Chair: TBC
14:00 The importance of quality control of incoming cullet sources and other raw materials Hans Hilke Ardagh Group
14:40 Composition and property control in high-cullet batches Sven-Roger Kahl Ardagh Group
15:20 Refreshments
Session 12: Raw Materials for Glass Making IV. Chair: TBC
16:20 C-Capture Technology development for CCUS – from the chemistry lab to large scale negative CO2 emissions
16:40 High Purity Feldspar Kaltun Turkey Alan Reynolds
17:00 End of session

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