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Monday 2nd – Wednesday 4th September 2019

Science Abstracts – Society of Glass Technology Annual Conference

Index of Abstracts
article posted  23rd May 2019
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Mithila Achintha
Modelling Residual Stress in Glass: Incorporation of the Full Stress Field Using a Few Stress Measurements

Oliver Alderman
Borate liquids & synchrotron x-ray diffraction: a unique opportunity

Daniel Backhouse
Biomass Ash: A Past and Future Raw Material for Glass-Making?

Anthony Bell
The reestablishment of the “OXI” XRF standard analysis method at Sheffield Hallam University

Paul Bingham
Nonisothermal crystallization kinetics and stability of leucite and kalsilite from K2O-Al2O3-SiO2 glasses

Aldo Boccaccini
Bioactive glasses: from bone regeneration to wound healing

Delia Brauer
Studying the dissolution of phosphate glasses by 31P NMR

Georges Calas
Structural control of the coloration of alkali borate glasses by transition-elements

Jamieson K Christie
Thermal conductivity of amorphous materials

Wei Deng
Alternative Raw Materials and Reformulation for Energy Saving and Reducing the Environmental Impact of Glass Manufacture

Baris Demirel
Investigation of antibacterial property of soda lime glass doped with zinc

Edwin Flikkema
Molecular Dynamics study of silicates and MOFs

Laurence Galoisy
Spectroscopic investigation of historical “uranium glasses”

Alex Hannon
The Alkali Coordination in Silicates: What can we learn from Crystal Structures?

Daniel W Hewak
Chalcogenide Materials and Applications: From bulk to 2D

Mike Harrison
Current challenges in the vitrification of nuclear waste in the UK: Process optimisation by varying alkali metal content

Jana Holubova
Chemical modelling of glasses

Cole Hunzeker
Hydrophobic Glasses Enhanced Through Patterned Surface Microstructure

Myrtille Hunault
Colourful borate glasses: the uranium case

Animesh Jha
Spectroscopic Properties of CdS, Rare-Earth and Transition Metal Ion containing Quantum Dots in Silicate Glasses

Ladislav Koudelka
Optical basicity in potassium tungstate-phosphate glasses

Katrina Love
Phosphate Solubility and Impacts on Properties of Radioactive Waste Glasses for the Hanford Site

David Mabwa
Evaluating the cytotoxicity of Ge-Sb-Se chalcogenide glass optical fibres.

Owen McGann
Development of phosphate glass materials for use in ultra-fast mode-locked laser systems.

Joel Nunes
Mid-infrared photoluminescent behaviour in lanthanide doped chalcogenide glass fibres

Michael Packard
Spectroscopic Measurements and Structural Properties for Wide-Ranging Compositions of Sodium Silicate Glasses Part II: NMR and Physical Properties

Luiz F P Pereira
Mechanism of oxygen bubble formation in borosilicate glasses

Josh Radford
An Overview Of Glass Digestion Methods For In-House Compositional Analysis

Prince Rautiyal
Electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopic study of nuclear waste glasses

Angela Seddon
Window of opportunity: exploiting the mid-infrared with chalcogenide glass fibreoptics.

Shuchi Vaishnav
Spectroscopic Studies of Highly Modified Sodium Silicate Glasses

Natalia M Vedishcheva
Structure Of Glasses, Crystals And Melts:
Difference And Similarity

Martin Wilding
The structure and thermochemistry of K2CO3-MgCO3 glass

Adrian Wright
Observations related to the free volume theory of glass formation

Xingchen Zhao
Cotton-wool-like bioactive glass scaffold in chronic wound healing