09:00 Registration (Jocelyn Bell Burnell Room)
09:20 Welcome (Long Room)
Session 1: Glasses for Healthcare I. Chair: TBC
09:40 Bioactive glasses: from bone regeneration to wound healing Aldo Boccaccini University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
10:20 Investigation of antibacterial property of soda lime glass doped with zinc Baris Demirel Sisecam Inc.
10:40 Cotton-wool-like bioactive glass scaffold in chronic wound healing Xingchen Zhao Imperial College London
11:00 Refreshments
Session 2: Glasses for Healthcare II and Glass Modelling. Chair: TBC
11:40 Studying the dissolution of phosphate glasses by 31P NMR Delia Brauer Friedrich Schiller University Jena
12:20 Chemical modelling of glasses Jana Holubova University of Pardubice
12:40 Physical properties of alkali tellurite glasses compared with other glass Systems Steve Feller Coe College
13:00 Lunch
Session 3: Glasses for Optoelectronics I. Chair: TBC
14:00 Window of opportunity: exploiting the mid-infrared with chalcogenide glass fibre optics Angela Seddon University of Nottingham
14:40 Chalcogenide materials and applications: From bulk to 2D Dan Hewak University of Southampton
15:20 Refreshments
Session 4: Glasses for Optoelectronics II. Chair: TBC
16:00 Spectroscopic properties of CdS, rare-earth and transition metal Ion containing quantum dots in silicate glasses Animesh Jha University of Leeds
16:40 Evaluating the cytotoxicity of Ge-Sb-Se chalcogenide glass optical fibres David Mabwa University of Nottingham
17:00 Mid-infrared photoluminescent behaviour in lanthanide doped chalcogenide glass fibres Joel Nunes University of Nottingham
17:20 Development of phosphate glass materials for use in ultra-fast mode-locked laser systems Owen McGann Glass Technology Services Ltd
17:40 FEA modelling of the stresses induced in glass through the ‘Ultraweld’ laser welding process Rob Ireson Glass Technology Services Ltd

Tuesday Programme