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Session 5: Glass Formation, Processing and Analysis I. Chair: TBC
09:00 Thermal conductivity of amorphous materials Jamieson Christie Loughborough University
09:40 The reestablishment of the “OXI” XRF standard analysis method at Sheffield Hallam University Anthony Bell Sheffield Hallam University
10:00 Mechanism of oxygen bubble formation in borosilicate glasses Luiz Pereira CEA Marcoule and Mines ParisTech
10:20 Alternative raw materials and reformulation for energy saving and reducing the environmental impact of glass manufacture Wei Deng Sheffield Hallam University
10:40 Refreshments
Session 6: Glass Formation, Processing and Analysis II. Chair: TBC
11:20 Modelling residual stress in glass: incorporation of the full stress field using a few stress measurements Mithila Achintha University of Southampton
11:40 Hydrophobic glasses enhanced through patterned surface microstructure Cole Hunzeker Coe College
12:00 Biomass ash: a past and future raw material for glass-making? Daniel Backhouse Sheffield Hallam University
12:20 An overview of glass digestion methods for in-house compositional analysis Josh Radford University of Sheffield
12:40 Nonisothermal crystallization kinetics and stability of leucite and kalsilite from K2O-Al2O3-SiO2 glasses Paul Bingham Sheffield Hallam University
13:00 Lunch
Session 7: Glass Structure and Properties I. Chair: TBC
14:00 Structural control of the coloration of alkali borate glasses by transition-elements Georges Calas UPMC Paris
14:20 Optical basicity in potassium tungstate-phosphate glasses Ladislav Koudelka University of Pardubice
14:40 Titanosilicate glasses for waste immobilisation – development and properties Russell Hand University of Sheffield
15:00 Spectroscopic studies of highly modified sodium silicate glasses – Part I Shuchi Vaishnav/Paul Bingham Sheffield Hallam University
15:20 Refreshments
Session 8: Glass Structure and Properties II. Chair: TBC
16:00 Molecular Dynamics study of silicates and MOFs Edwin Flikemma University of Aberystwyth
16:20 Spectroscopic measurements and structural properties for wide-ranging compositions of sodium silicate glasses, Part II: NMR and physical properties Michael Packard Coe College
16:40 Alkali coordination in silicates: what can we learn from crystal structures? Alex Hannon STFC ISIS
17:00 the structure and thermocheistry of K2CO3-MgCO3 Martin Wilding Sheffield Hallam University

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