If you are interested in attending and would like to submit a poster or presentation, please email <[email protected]>. There’s a convenient
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Students – remember if you present a paper at the conference you could be the next Paul Award winner Alex Scrimshire, Sheffield Hallam University
did just that in 2018 and won himself a cheque for £250.00 which he was presented with at the meeting, its that easy.

Deadline 30 June  2019

Sponsors of the Technology Sessions

University of Leeds

Photonics and materials

University of Southampton

Chalcogenide Materials and Applications: From bulk to 2D

Univeristy of Nottingham

Window of opportunity: exploiting the mid-infrared with chalcogenide glass fibreoptics.

National Nuclear Laboratory

University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

Current challenges in the vitrification of nuclear waste in the UK: Process optimisation by varying alkali metal content

Bioactive glasses: from bone regeneration to wound healing